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Tumblr is hiring a sales and marketing recruiter, AND a marketing manager. And a whole bunch of other things, too, but I wanted to pimp these because: a) the recruiter is new and b) I feel like someone I know out there could be great for this marketing manager. We want someone who really understands brands, and has done some great consumer marketing. Hit me up. 

Whole boatload of job openings in Tumblr’s Outreach and marketing departments! Come join us! 

Whole boatload of job openings in Tumblr’s Outreach and marketing departments! Come join us! 

A Philadelphia-area human-resources executive told Mr. Cappelli that he applied anonymously for a job in his own company as an experiment. He didn’t make it through the screening process.

Software Screening Rejects Job Seekers - WSJ.com

Yeeahhh, I’d say that’s a bit of a problem.

I hate this automatification of applicant screening. Takes the humanity out of it. I’m convinced that I’ve applied for jobs in the past that I’m more than qualified for — that, if I could just get in the door to talk to someone, I’m almost sure they would offer me a position — but, you know, there’s the rub. Getting there at all.

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I’ve been thinking that in my next company I would just hire a super smart, amicable, social, trusted friend to just sit and talk to people all the time. That would be my recruiting. I or the appropriate person would take it from there. Seems pretty scalable - if he or she talked to 8-10 people a day, they could screen something like 2,500 applicants a year. You could hire a couple if you needed. It would be a fun job to have. 

Come to think of it, I think I might enjoy THAT job. 

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Designers. Percolate wants to hire you.

Just counting work that’s on the books (never mind those 11 p.m. emails), Americans now put in an average of 122 more hours per year than Brits, and 378 hours (nearly 10 weeks!) more than Germans.

What’s the Matter With the Start-Up Industry?  (via courtenaybird)

I find it interesting that that list left out the Chinese, but not terribly surprising that the Koreans work about 500 hours a year more than we do. 

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