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Merely by revealing that there is some unspecified scandal, he’s already doing damage to her reputation, even while acting as if he is taking the moral high ground.

Michael Arrington Vs. Caterina Fake (via alexleo)

Yeah, Arrington really messed that up. He actually had a kind of interesting point on why it’s not necessary, always, for a blog or publication to email for a comment/follow-up. But he went off on a tangent into the Caterina stuff, which was a poor example, to say the least. And if you read the comments on the piece, most people missed or didn’t understand the point he was actually supposedly trying to make - that a blog might have a good reason for not emailing for a followup before posting a story. He could have written a nice think piece about what a blog is, and how it’s kind of interesting trying to scoop a company’s announcement, and how they have blogs too, and so it’s not like the old days where you can scoop them because they have a press conference at noon on thursday and now, if they get wind that you’re gonna write something, they can just jump the gun and announce before you, and how they do. THAT stuff is pretty interesting. But using Caterina, and naming her, and mentioning there is a story there, was a misfire. 

Sometimes editing is a good thing. 

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