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Bay Area companies raised $3.2 billion in 316 rounds, while Boston companies raised $1 billion in 84 rounds and New York startups raised $800 million in 142 rounds. Los Angeles companies raised a bit under $500 million in 81 rounds.

U.S. Venture Capital Investment Amounts Doubled In Q2, As Bay Area Companies Raised More Than NYC, LA, Boston Combined | TechCrunch

Just a friendly reminder that every time people say NY is 2nd in VC only to the Bay Area, they are not quite there yet. (via rickwebb)

I never saw these comparisons as a “NYC vs SV” battle.  Silicon Valley IS the center of global tech innovation.  The hub of talent, money, and ecosystem has fostered and grown the valley into what it is today.  What I do find encouraging though is that NYC has created a real hub of technology innovation and the outlook can only look upward.  It does not really matter if NYC catches SV, what is important is that NYC is the home of technology companies making a significant impact and supporting our own ecosystem of talent and money.

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I speak more of New York’s strange obsession with out VC’ing Boston. Bloomberg routinely uses another study and claims NY has outraised Boston. Which is pretty funny. A city of 8 million people with an insecurity complex over a city with less than a million. 

(via marksbirch)

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