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My gig is up at Tumblr! It’s been an amazing 10 months but at the end of March I will be wrapping up my six month consulting project there. What a great time.  It’s been a straight up dream of mine to work at a company like that, and the amount I learned was insane. I feel pretty good about where they’re at now. The business side of the company was like 4 people when I got there, and now it’s around 40! Insane!

People keep asking me what I’m doing next, which is funny because before everyone kept saying I was doing way too much. But it’s a fun time of spring brain cleaning to write it all down, so if you’re curious, this is how I am planning for my year to go down if all goes well. 

  • I am going to finish my ad books. It grew into two books - one about agencies and one about the economics and history of advertising, and it’s changing landscape. I am negotiating with my agent about whether that’s actually one or two books. I may have accidentally written three total. I don’t know. This is the first order of business - divide, finish, sell, each one, one by one. 
  • I may do one or two of those myself with the new publishing company I am starting with a couple friends. More on that later. 
  • I went to SXSW (just sat-tuesday.) & Coachella (hopefully for the last time). 
  • I am then going to finish my first novel, which is about 80% done. It is not particularly good so far, but it has potential and I need to complete it, and have been adding some great note snippets the last ten months that I want to finish. 
  • I am going to get the Secret Clubhouse in better financial shape. It’s profitable, but barely. I need to finish the website - we did some great spring cleaning this weekend and shot the photos. We have about 8 free desks still, so if you are interested, let me know.
  • If (no! when!) I get all of that done, I am going to finish my second novel, or at least start working on it again, because it is AWESOME. Honest. 
  • I am still working with Pedro over at Quotidian Ventures as a venture partner doing early stage investments. It is a good time. If you have an early stage tech startup, we’d love to hear from you. 
  • I am still working with Rick Boyko, Brian Collins, Steve Hayden, Bob Scarpelli and the rest of the Leadership Collective on unlocking executive potential within organizations.  
  • I am going to keep working with Helayne over at the VCU Brandcenter on their digital and executive education components as a board member. 
  • I’ll be continuing doing some consulting and a ton of advising. Mostly the relationships I already have in place: Percolate, Nestio, Small Girls PR, Sherpaa, and some others not out in the public. I’m not opposed to a new client or two, but I’m thinking I’m a bit done with the full time for a while. Project based is best. Drop a line if you have something AMAZING. 
  • I am going to get married in August, and I am doing the wedding planning - take that, traditional gender roles. Then. HONEYMOON. No idea where. 

Whenever I rattle off this list, people always seem to impatiently wait through it to see if I’m going to work at or start another “startup.” I *do* have something in my head, something I’ve shared with a few of you through the last year, and it’s generally been regarded as too ambitious or impossible etc. etc. And I am so not the clichéd perfect person to do it. But all of that generally makes it even more compelling to me, and I’ve not been able to shake it loose. I will probably dabble with it through the rest of this year, bugging people to be advisory board members, honing the pitch, asking a few VCs where I need to be for them to be interested in it in the future, etc. I’m still not 100% sold, and I have so much to get off of my plate this year, as you can see, that I have some time before I can fully focus. But yes, if you’re looking for a secret fun entrepreneurial story, and the clubhouse isn’t enough for you, there’s a thing brewing. 

Onward! Spring is here!

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