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Hi. I'm Rick. I write, advise, and invest.

Venture Partner, Quotidian Ventures / CEO, Secret Clubhouse.

Formerly Co-Founder Barbarian Group & Consultant Tumblr

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Come to our Startup Stories Webvisions panel!

Startup! Real Stories and Life-saving Tips: A Panel Discussion with Leading Entrepreneurs, VCs, Angel Investors

In many ways, it’s never been easier to start a company. Bootstrapping is often a viable choice, but some businesses are almost impossible to launch without capital. There are endless books and blogs from the viewpoint of VCs espousing philosophies about how to raise venture capital, but the actual process from Day One of making the decision to raise money is still a black hole, left to private meetings, phone calls, and known to a relatively small population.

Join us for an evening with drinks and a veteran panel of entrepreneurs, angel investors and VCs features Allison Goldberg (Time Warner Investments), Ryan Freitas (About.me), Rick Webb (Quotidian Ventures, Tumblr), Gino Zahnd (Cozy, Flickr, Kosmix, Splunk) and John Bragg (Cozy, Kosmix).

Register here!

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