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All those countries that have eliminated guns are, apparently, magical and impossible. That or they just possess that can-do american attitude we no longer possess.

It amazes me rational people say banning guns is impossible, when it’s been done by several countries in the world. Who also had gun factories. It’s like a Frenchman insisting in 1970 that no one could ever go to the moon, even though another country has already done it.

Magical Australian gun eliminating gnomes! You didn’t REALLY do it. Because the NRA has taught me it’s impossible! Never mind the evidence that you did, actually, do it, and without much difficulty.

Yeah, you know, like Russia, which has twice the homicide rate of America.

Ban guns, criminals will find another way to get ahold of them. Same as prohibition, the drug war, etc…

First, it may be “illegal to own a handgun in russia” but it is legal to own shotguns, gas pistols, rubber-shooting-bullet pistols, carbines and rifles. It is, by no means, a society that has banned guns. Also, those laws allowing this were enacted in 1996. The period of greatest increase in gun violence in Russia? 1997-2001. Average number of murders per year in Russia 1990-1995: 23,260. From 1997-2001? 26,347. The laws are still more strict than ours, but there is a direct correlation between their 1996 loosening and the murder rate.  

Also… Yeah! Because the lack of a strong democracy, any semblance of fair rule of law, the kleptocratic regime and the unique, recent, revolutionary history of that country make it WAY more applicable of a parallel to the US than the UK, Germany and Australia. We have so much more in common with the Russians. Plus! If they can’t make a thing work, no one can! (except the Germans, Australians, English and all the other countries much more like us who actually did it). 

You know what else is different? You could make alcohol in your bathtub. You can make meth in your bathtub. You cannot make an AR-15 in your bathtub. You cannot make a 30 round clip in your bathtub. Prohibition actually successfully stopped all factory-based production of alcohol in the US. AND THERE IS NO OTHER TYPE OF PRODUCTION OF GUNS THAN FACTORY PRODUCTION.

And if we end up in a country with all guns disappeared except for some home-made zip guns and ALL THE COPS STILL HAVING GUNS, I would take it in a heartbeat. 

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    I can completely understand your position. But here’s a question(s) for you: Guns like AR15’s can be made with CNC...
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  6. sillysalope said: a lot of automatic guns Narcos here in México use to kill everyday were purchased legally on US soil… so no, legal prohibition would increase costs for criminals to get those weapons and thus lower violence everywhere.
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