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Gerard Depardieu, the French actor who has waged a battle against a proposed super-tax on millionaires in his native country, has been granted Russian citizenship.

Depardieu, in Tax Fight, Gets Russian Citizenship - NYTimes.com

It’s been so long since I heard about Depardieu, in reading this headline I literally thought “did he get in a sex scandal or something?” Turns out nope, just being greedy. Can Russia take the Koch brothers too while they’re at it?

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Greedy. Really? The Socialists imposed a 75% tax on his income and he voted with his feet. Sounds like the most efficient application of capital available to him was the train ticket to Belgium.

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Those feet that the state took care of, on a train the state paid for, with a new citizenship he got from the talents the state fostered, both in schools and through their robust film program… 

And since when does the “efficient allocation of capital” conflict with greed? It can certainly be both. Though I’d debate whether giving far-more-corrupt Russia even 15% is all that efficient of an allocation. 

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  4. wanderlustandtethers said: His name will forever trigger fond memories of the clip of Anderson Cooper crumbling into a fit of giggles while reporting a story on him.