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Apple’s stuck in a rut. Here’s 10 things I’d love to see them do

Was talking about this with Emma and Doug last night, and Apple is a bit in a rut, isn’t it? Sure, product improvements, etc., but after reading more about Google Fiber, and Google’s total relentlessness on innovating total new product areas (Cars, glasses), I’m getting a bit fed up with my hero company. A hundred billion in cash basically sitting under the mattress (okay, being managed out of an obscure office in Nevada). And some basic product things just aren’t getting done. Here’s 10 things they could do to shake it up. 

1) Displays. The whole situation is a mess.  First off, their monitor situation is a joke. 27”?? What is this? 2002? If anything the dire situation only makes me assume that the TV is on the way. An Apple Television is a must at this point. It’s taken so long I’m not sure I’ll even have my usual apopleptic fit upon first touching one. And you know what? You should just trojan horse the Apple television with a fuckin 60” iMac. Do it. The world needs a 60” iMac.

2)  iTunes match limit lifted or raised to 250,000 like Amazon, please. I mean, seriously. 

3) Just close the other studios for iTunes movies & TV. It’s getting embarrassing. You’re Apple, you’re supposed to have this amazing prowess with studio negotiations. The lore used to be it was all Steve, but eventually Eddie Cue was given some due. At the very least, if Google can take on the car industry and the ISP industry, you could, you know, solve America’s HBO problem without breaking a sweat.

4) Would it kill you to make a wireless keyboard with a keypad? 

5) I don’t know this whole Mountain Lion “Save a version”/”Duplicate” nonsense is SUPPOSED to work in the file menu, but it doesn’t. Let it go. Bring back “Save as…” and be done with it. PLEASE. 

6) One more nitpick before I go big: Would it kill you to put your headphone jacks in a place where people can find them on the iMacs? Seriously? And this bottom headphone jack on the iPhone 5 has gotta go. 

7) Okay: $100B. In cash. Sitting around. It’s getting ridiculous. Doug said last night maybe you should buy Honda or something. Why not? It’s market cap is $60B. GO FOR IT. Do something ridiculous. Disrupt a new field. Bring us the future. 

8) Or maybe Facebook? Why not? You suck at the internet (I’m sorry Eddie, you’re making it better, but… ugh). You could pick it up at a 20% premium over its current stock price and still have $30B cash on hand. Buy Spotify, Netflix and Foursquare ON TOP OF IT, and you’d still have more than $20B cash on hand. Seriously, it is getting embarrassing that a company supposedly renowned for changing the world for a better has $100B sitting there NOT working to change the world for the better. 

9) On that note, I think it would be just ducky if you actually told us where that $100b is invested. I love you guys, but god knows what you’re doing with it. You might have a $10B short on Samsung for all we know. Why not at least give us some broad ideas?

10) I’ll leave my last one for my time-honored grumble from my old days as a dude who cared about raw processing power vs. cost. Give us a Mac Pro you can swap the processors and components out in, and sell us upgrade kits. I’m richer now and can afford to buy a new one every time (and yes, I still use Mac Pros, a lot), but the waste side of it is disturbing to me. Mac Pros really are only for Pros now and I think they’d probably buy into a system where you buy a case+components and then can buy component upgrades along the way. Do it for Pixar. 

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    Truth about Apple’s lack of (recent) innovation.
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