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“If you are building social platforms that require more time of users, you will not be successful. And we believe this will sweep away some of the nonsense like Foursquare and [other] of these time-wasting social applications.”

-George Colony, CEO of Forrester Research 

I’m sorry, this makes no sense. 80-90% of some countries’ populations are on social media, and presumably the social media they are already on are the high-touch, “time-wasting” type he says we… now will not use? Didn’t 80-90% of the population just prove we will? And we’ve already seen that people will migrate to new, better high-touch social media outlets (ie Myspace to Facebook). So why does this mean no one will use any new ones? It’s illogical. 

Personally, I’m uninterested in building another social tool. But I absolutely do not buy the theory that none of the new ones being built will be successful. Instagram is disproving this theory even as the words come out of Colony’s mouth.