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That’s what Steve Jobs revealed to Walter Isaacson in an interview for his forthcoming biography.

What was he talking about? The often rumored (and just as often dismissed) Apple television. Not the Apple TV, the current product, a full fledged television. 

Six months ago, I laid out why I thought an Apple television was actually coming despite (and perhaps because of) the current conventional wisdom that it’s a low-margin business that Apple won’t bother with. My original thesis holds: the current television experience is shit from a user perspective. It’s popular despite being severely hamstrung by the powers that be (mainly the cable companies).

If Apple can do to this market what they did to the phone market — the sky is very much the limit. The convergence of computing and the living room will finally be realized. 

Jobs’ quote above is key. He didn’t just reveal that Apple was thinking about the Apple television, but that he “cracked it”. That’s very exciting. It reminds me of Alan Bradley’s quote from Tron: Legacy. Talking about the missing Kevin Flynn:

Sam, two nights before he disappeared, he came to my house. “I’ve cracked it!” He kept saying.

These previews to the Jobs book are driving me insane. I just want to hunker down, read it alone, and absorb it all in one go. Leaked quotes are no fun!

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