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Apr 22

The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie - NYTimes.com -

This article is fantastic.


Apr 21




I have, on hold and waiting for me to pick up, one of the last copies of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century. Seriously. Even Amazon is sold out til the 2nd week in May. 

If you can’t wait, message me and I’ll tell you my Boston source. 

Of course, it is available instantly on Kindle, but it seems to me this is a book you’ll want to hold in your hands, and use the Index.

13% of the way through. Bought it on kindle because I couldn’t find it. Figure I’ll buy a hard copy later. It is… monumental. 

Wax Trax! Records is back: Legendary label resurrected by co-founder’s daughter — slicing up eyeballs // 80s alternative music, college rock, indie -

Wax Trax is back, run by the label’s daughter, and the first release has Chris Connelley of Ministry, RevCo, PTP, Pigface and solo fame. Exciting.

Apr 17

“Normcore? I don’t know it. What is it?” — The Quietus | Features | A Quietus Interview | From Despair To Here: Courtney Love Interviewed

“Mayday Tech Advisors have received 35 marriage proposals from customers. 475 customers have asked to talk to Amy, our Mayday television personality. 109 Maydays have been customers asking for assistance with ordering a pizza. By a slim margin, Pizza Hut wins customer preference over Domino’s. There are 44 instances where the Mayday Tech Advisor has sung Happy Birthday to the customer. Mayday Tech Advisors have been serenaded by customers 648 times. And 3 customers have asked for a bedtime story” — EX-99.1

“We opened a new 40,000 square foot photo studio in Brooklyn and now shoot an average of 10,413 photos every day in the studio’s 28 bays.” —

Jeff Bezos’ annual shareholder letter, EX-99.1

Been fascinated with Amazon’s secret 40,000 square foot photo studio here in Williamsburg. Nice to see it get a little mention in the annual letter.

Apr 10

Making of Hype Hotel 2014 -


A behind-the-scenes look at creating a 5-day-long show. It’s fun!

Apr 09

“I’m going to spend an entire year investigating prisons in America. I’ll show you how U.S. prison practices are being exported to the rest of the world and dissect the systems that lead so many to be locked up in this country.” —

The Prison Problem by Shane Bauer — Beacon

This is going to be amazing, and important, I strongly recommend that you consider supporting Shane.

Day One @ Percolate also links out to other documents, including our fairly robust internal wiki, a vocabulary of terms frequently used inside the company, a longer document on our mission and vision, and our very down-to-earth employee manual. It’s a living document – people will make comments, ask questions and Noah, our CEO, will actually follow up pretty quickly to update the doc.

Noah borrowed this practice of extensive documentation from his time at The Barbarian Group, where his manager had done something similar. It might be a lot of work to write (and read) so much content, but it’s incredibly helpful for providing context and setting expectations.

” —

Onboarding at Percolate | The Percolate Content Marketing Blog

Reading this made me wistful. When I start thinking about all the little ways The Barbarian Group impacted people’s lives and work styles, I get a little teared up.

Percolate’s taken onboarding much further, though. Got things done I was still only dreaming of. A great article.

Apr 07


Pictured: Rick Webb

That was a good day. 



Pictured: Rick Webb

That was a good day. 

Apr 03

“Even if I WERE endowed with some genius insight or idea where I felt the world absolutely needed it and to not bring it to fruition would be somehow immoral, I believe the right and moral thing to do would be to work towards getting that to happen, and put younger, more in need, equally talented people in charge of it. Getting it off the ground, so to speak. I see no moral imperative that *I* need to be the one to do it, and important ideas suffer no difficulty attracting talented people to execute them. It’s hubris and ego to think that I, myself, would be vitally important after the idea came into existence (again, being generous to myself and assuming that somehow I was the only one to ever think of this idea — that does not happen).” —

Trickle-Up Economics — Rick Webb — Medium

Wrote this today. It was kind of cathartic.